Certifiq is your full-cycle digital Software as a Service (SaaS) Testing, Inspection and Certification platform for true collaboration between the Service Providers and Organisations. We enable efficient and compliant testing through real-time synchronisation.

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Commit to Workplace Safety Excellence

Ensure Compliance

Issue real-time reports (certifications) of testing results - fully compliant to regulations, like EN 50699, EN 50678, EN 60974, EN 62353, EN 60204, EN 50110.

Improve Efficiency

Intuitive digital workflows and integration of mobile app improve testing efficiency by at least 50%.

Provide Transparency

The Service Provider users can manage all their Organisations, assets and the corresponding data in one intuitive interface with unlimited real-time access.

Enable Collaboration

Work together throughout the whole testing lifecycle. Plan your inspections, share updates and results and issue certificates.

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Fully Digital Workflows

Certifiq brings your Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) cycle to a new level.

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Manage all safety tasks and assets

Get a complete overview of your safety related assets, test results and set reminders.

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Streamline your testing processes

Intuitive, pre-built processes ensure a fast onboarding and reduce errors to a minimum due to the deep integration with testing devices.

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Adapt everything to your needs

Create new workflows, connect 3rd-party apps, asign user roles and manage different locations with specific access control.


Your Workplace Safety Platform

Certifiq enables fast communication and full transparency between Service providers and Organisations.

All-in-One Platform

Certifiq provides a range of features to enhance workplace safety and compliance.

For Service Providers

How can Service Providers simplify safety management, saving time and effort?

For Organisations

How do Organisations benefit from using Certifiq to keep their workplace safe and be compliant?

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Boost Workplace Safety with Certifiq

Certifiq is a top notch digital Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Testing, Inspection and Certification purpose that enables Service Providers and Organisations to collaborate seamlessly and share real-time data.

Certifiq not only reduces workplace accidents, but also improves safety compliance and enhances work efficiency.

You are an Organisation, responsible for the workplace safety?
Stay compliant to your local safety regulations, manage all your assets, evaluate your risk assessment, review test results and issue certificates in real-time!

You are a Service Provider responsible for Testing, Inspection and Certification?
Manage your team, your tasks, your clients, and your testing results all in one place!

Ready to transform your workplace?

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Tests processed with our platform

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Use Cases

Testing, Inspection, and Certification process serves a crucial role in ensuring the safety and usability of various assets and environments, ranging from buildings and machinery to workplace equipment and public spaces. It is important to implementing standardised testing and inspection protocols, aligning with the unique compliance rules of each country.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Certifiq, its use cases, and the benefits it offers. If you stil have questions feel free to contact us.

How does Certifiq work?

Certifiq is a digital Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for testing, inspection and certification processes. Whether you are a Service Provider that offers testing services to other Organisations, or you are the responsible safety manager in your company. Certifiq provides you with all necessary tools to perform efficient, compliant and transparent testing and inspection tasks.

What are the benefits of Certifiq?

The main benefit for Service Providers is that your team can perform more testing tasks in less time. Certifiq's User Management feature ensures that the step-by-step guidance through the different testing tasks is performed on the highest quality and meets the strict compliance standards. The Organisations and Safety Managers benefit from evaluating the risk assessment, reviewing the real-time test results, exporting the certificates and reviewing the tested assets' healthiness via safety hub dashboard. Certifiq offers a supportive and engaged ecosystem for Service Providers and their Organisations that enhances their bonds through their cooperation during the TIC processes. Certifiq's vision is 100% aligned with Service Providers and their Organisations to ensurea safe workplace for everyone.

How can I get started with Certifiq?

You are a Service Provider that offer Testing, Inspection and Certification services? Or an Organisation that is responsible for workplace safety? We want to make sure that our digital Software as a Service platform, Certifiq, gives you the values you are looking for, so everything starts with a personal contact. Simply contact our team to present our product and we'll guide you through the onboarding process.

Is Certifiq customisable?

Yes, Certifiq is highly customisable to meet the unique needs. Our platform can be tailored to your specific requirements.

What industries can benefit from Certifiq?

Certifiq is beneficial for a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. Any industry that prioritises workplace safety can benefit from Certifiq.